Elders are responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church, teaching, shepherding its people, and modeling for them the Christian life. 

  • Gabe Manjarrez

  • David Monreal

Meet the Staff.

Gabe Manjarrez

Lead Pastor & Elder


Gabe Manjarrez is the Lead Pastor of The Reborn Church of Phoenix. He is a Phoenix Native and the father of four sons. In the earlier years of his life, he was heavily involved in the secular rap industry. In 1999, God saved him and called him to preach the gospel to the lost through Christian rap music. Since 1999, Gabe has been committed to evangelism in any area that God has given him a platform to do so. In 2004, Gabe coauthored a hip hop musical called The One, in which he also acted as the main character. The One was featured at the Arizona State Fair and The Herberger Theater in Downtown Phoenix. In 2007, Gabe began to feel a call to preach and lead others, as a result he completed a ministry training program called Real Men's Ministry. Throughout Gabe's life, God was pursing, equipping, and calling him to be a pastor. In 2012, Gabe resigned from his job of 18 years in order to answer that call. In 2013, Gabe was ordained as a pastor and founded The Reborn Church of Phoenix. Since one of Pastor Gabe's youngest sons has autism, he has compassion on people who are developmentally disabled. One of the visions that Pastor Gabe has for the church is to minister and serve families with developmental disabilities. Pastor Gabe is a committed father and shepherd. He is a pastor that is committed to discipleship, serving others, and preaching the Gospel.

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David Monreal


dave and darla.jpg

David and Darla Monreal have been married for over 20 years. They have 10 children and 17 grandchildren. David serves our church as an Elder and Men’s Ministry Director.

Anthony and Lisa Guzman


anthony and lisa1.jpg

Anthony and Lisa Guzman have been married since 2013. They serve as Deacons at our church. They both are committed parents and have a heart to serve our local community. They have established Bless the Block Ministries at our church, which is our ministry that provides food, clothes, and hygiene kits to families in our community. Anthony also serves as the church photographer and cameraman.

Jesus Cruz



Jesus "Jew" Cruz is a husband, father, and a Deacon of our church. He has been married to Vanessa Cruz since 2014. He is a loyal, supportive and dependable man of God. He consistently seeks to serve others in any way he can.

Eric and Sierra Manjarrez

Treasurer and kids ministry director


Eric and Sierra Manjarrez have been married since 2016. They are both graduates of Grand Canyon University. Eric received his Bachelor of Arts in Christians Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Studies degree and Sierra received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Eric is the second oldest son of Pastor Gabe Manjarrez. He is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity with an emphasis in Biblical and Theological Studies Degree from Phoenix Seminary. Eric has a passion for teaching the Bible, theology, doctrine, and discipleship. Eric serves our church as the Treasurer, Bible Teacher, Membership Class Teacher, Audio and Media Admin, and Order of Worship Coordinator. Sierra is a Registered Nurse and has a passion for hospitality, discipleship, and teaching kids about Jesus. Sierra Manjarrez serves our church as the Kids Ministry Director. She also serves as the churches Interior Decorator.

Angeline Sandstedt

Women's Ministry Director

angie and dave.jpg

Angie is a wife, mother, and women's director at our church. She has been married to David Dominguez for 17 years. She serves as the Women's Ministry Director, Cleaning Ministry, Bless the Block Ministry, and the Kids Ministry. She has a desire for people to know the Gospel, for women to know their role within the story of God, and she desires people to fall in love with Jesus. Her husband, David Dominguez, serves in cleaning the church and at Bless the Block.

Robert Batrez

Youth Ministry Director


Robert Batrez is a current Master of Business Administration student at Grand Canyon University. He graduated from GCU in 2018 with his Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Studies. He has a passion for theology and doctrine. He is a Christian Hip Hop Artist and uses his music as an opportunity to share the gospel with others. He serves our church as a Youth Director and a Bible study teacher.

Alexander Santiago

Youth Ministry Director And Performing Arts Director


Alexander Santiago is from Brooklyn, New York. He has been married to Monica Santiago since 2014. He has a passion to worship God in his life and especially in singing. He strives to be a man, husband, and father after God’s own heart. Alexander Santiago serves our church as a Youth Ministry Director and Performing Arts Director. Monica serves as one of our Reborn Kids Teachers.